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Tuesday 25. January 2005
The World's Leading Professional Associations

The world's leading professional real estate bodies participate in FIABCI, where
they known as principal members. As an individual FIABCI member you have
access to their sites and can meet and work with their leading players at annual
FIABCI international and regional events. Every profession involved in real estate
is represented there. FIABCI membership gives you a universe of approximately
1,500,000 real estate professionals with whom to network!

The real estate professional bodies help to give FIABCI its unique
multi-disciplinary and international flavour. They play a vital role in the structure
of the Federation.

o List of National Associations by Country

+ americas
+ europe - africa - near east
+ asia - pacific

o List of National Associations by Discipline

+ All Specialty Types
+ Consulting
+ Development
+ Financing
+ Management
+ Transactions/Brokerage
+ Valuation/Appraisal

o Principal Members Events

o FIABCI Principal Members' Forum