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Tuesday 25. January 2005
FIABCI Business Data
Accurate and up-to-date data is essential in any decision making process
especially in the case of the international real estate investor. Besides the
property itself, it is necessary to understand local real estate and tax law, as well
as the economics, politics and culture of the country or region. Decision-building
data, in fact. That is what FIABCI provides.

* The FIABCI Global Market Scanner

Every day, 24 hours a day ,as FIABCI spans every continent and time zone,
information is made available to the Federation's Paris headquarters by the
Global Market Scanner, thus keeping it permanently updated.

* Real Estate News and Publications from around the world

An important source of information are the world's real estate journals and the
journalists who write them. Many of the latter are members of the Federation,
but many more collaborate with FIABCI. Points of contact include regular
participation at events like MIPIM and MAPIC in Cannes.

* FIABCI Press

The regular newsletter of the Federation, FIABCI-Press not only keeps readers informed on the challenges facing the industry and the possible answers to those issues. It also keeps members in touch with each others activities, both professional and social.

* Economic Data By FIABCI Country

54 FIABCI countries regularly update and deliver financial data on the status of their markets to paris headquarters.

* FIABCI Real Estate Panorama

Regarded by many members as one of the Federation's most valuable information tools, the Real Estate Panorama enables comparisons to be made between real estate sectors all over the world. The Panorama is presented orally at a FIABCI event and the removed to this site.

* Original Papers From FIABCI Professional Programmes

Good and original thinking signposts the future via the many papers delivered by the world class professionals who speak in professional programmes at FIABCI events. These ground breaking papers are the inheritance of every FIABCI member.