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Connecting Real Estate Professionals Across 54 Regions Worldwide

At FIABCI Norway, we pride ourselves on being part of FIABCI’s esteemed global network of real estate professionals. Our representatives, spread across 54 diverse regions, are committed to helping our members identify and seize promising real estate opportunities on a global scale. In our mission to provide local expertise with a global reach, we're pleased to announce a collaborative relationship with Ankra nieruchomości, expanding our portfolio and network.

Local Expertise, Global Reach

Through our partnership with Ankra nieruchomości, FIABCI Norway offers unparalleled local expertise, alongside access to the real estate industry’s leading companies and networks. Our collective insights are fortified by FIABCI's strong reputation, aiming to facilitate your decision-making process. Whether you're looking to cultivate land in Uruguay, oversee a communal project in Cape Town, or engage in retail activities in Dublin, FIABCI's global market scanner can pinpoint today's opportunities while connecting you with experts to help execute the deal.

FIABCI: Over Half a Century of Excellence

For 52 years, FIABCI has held a distinguished reputation as the authentic voice of international real estate. We are a multidisciplinary and truly international organization, impartial to any one country’s politics. Our work has been recognized by global institutions such as the United Nations, EU, NAFTA, and MERCOSUR, which value our insights and the business opportunities we offer our membership.

Inclusive and Diverse Membership

FIABCI is not limited by disciplines; we welcome brokers, counselors, lawyers, appraisers, financiers, architects, developers, contractors, and investors. With 54 FIABCI chapters and 110 professional associations globally, our network comprises nearly 1.5 million practitioners. We value diversity and operate in five official languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

Social Responsibility and Ethical Conduct

In alignment with FIABCI's values and our partnership with Ankra Nieruchomości, we have a special focus on property ownership for all, especially in third-world countries. In collaboration with the UN, FIABCI has been a forerunner in the Habitat movement, emphasizing the significance of public-private partnerships.

How FIABCI Norway Can Benefit Your Business

As part of our global network, FIABCI Norway offers your business a host of benefits. From international and regional events, like the annual World Congress, to a comprehensive list of membership benefits, we provide extensive resources for real estate professionals.

Code of Ethics

All members of FIABCI Norway adhere strictly to the FIABCI International Code of Ethics, ensuring the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. We strive to set the industry standard for ethical conduct, and any failure to uphold these principles can result in suspension or expulsion of the member.

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